No, you Stopped to Bake it in a little WEREWOLF Oven


supernatural meme: two quotes [2/2]
      ↳ “cas is…he’s gone. he’s dead.  we run the show now.” -the leviathans/castiel


Observe, in their wild habitat, the hunter and the angel exchanging deep looks of profound love.

“Deep in the meadow, under the willow, a blade of grass, a soft green pillow…”

“What if Foxface realized where she was at that point – she was up against Cato, Thresh, and the team from 12. She wasn’t good with hand-to-hand combat, she relied on stealth and getting in and out of situations quickly. What if she realized that the chances were if up against any of her competitors, she’d die a terrible, painful death. Then, she sees the nightlock sitting perfectly in front of her as she followed Peeta, and thinks: “This is my painless way out. Why suffer more than I need to?” Maybe Foxface was more clever than we all believed.”